The Space Action Team examined the student organization lounge leasing structure and ways to increase transparency regarding the processes for space allocation. Recommendations from this team included how best to diversify the types of groups who are allocated lounges and the consideration of gender-neutral bathrooms and housing options for students, faculty, and staff.


Items Advanced by This Team

Recommendation: Establish a Group to Further Explore The Financial Structures Associated with Student Organization Lounge Spaces

The University Space Allocation Committee (USAC) exists to evaluate space requests and make recommendations to the Provost and the Executive Vice President that promote efficient use of space aligned with University strategic priorities. Their meetings are open to faculty, staff, and students.

Recommendation: Assess Current Student Organization Lounge Spaces to Determine Viability of Structural Changes to Resize Lounges

In partnership with the Space Allocation Committee, the implementation team received funding to conduct a space feasibility study and architectural evaluation of current spaces to potentially split larger spaces. The findings from these assessments are under review.

Recommendation: Add and Identify Gender-Neutral Facilities

Wake Forest expanded the number of all-gender restrooms in several buildings across campus and a directory is available on the human resource website. The University will also provide some gender-neutral housing options for all students who choose to live in mixed sex living units. These living units may be apartments, suites, houses, or rooms in areas of residence halls with private bathrooms (toilet and shower areas). During the process, students will be asked to complete an interest form. Students who request gender-neutral housing will then be contacted by a Residence Life and Housing staff member to discuss the best way to accommodate their housing needs, based on a student’s assigned room selection log-in time. No student will be asked to disclose their sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression. Gender-neutral housing is not intended for students in a romantic relationship. Upon placement, students agree to the room assignment for the academic year with no option for room changes. Additionally, RL&H may consolidate students in gender-neutral housing if the students cannot pull-in a roommate and no other student is requesting gender-neutral housing at the time.

For more information, contact:

Dr. Donna McGalliard
Associate Vice President for Campus Life
Dean of Residence Life and Housing