Pursuing Inclusive Excellence is an ongoing commitment—it is always appropriate and necessary. That work happens in myriad ways and requires that we draw on our skills of empathy, understanding, cultural humility, critical reflection, analysis, and creative problem-solving. The Realizing Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity framework (R.I.D.E. Framework) and the action planning process provide an opportunity to take stock of ongoing departmental and organizational investment in and progress toward Inclusive Excellence.

The templates below foreground two specific perspectives: the philosophical and the practical. It invites us to reflect on why we are doing this work (our purpose) and on how we intend to complete tasks associated with the work (our plan). Use this R.I.D.E. action planning process to prompt recurring conversations about Inclusive Excellence – conversations that can lead to and be energized by direct, intentional action.

Action Planning Guides

Action Plan Reflection Guide

Assessing and reflecting on your R.I.D.E. Action planning process and impact will help you and your team decide what went well, what could be done differently, and how to continue to grow as a team as you work towards Inclusive Excellence. Feel free to add additional information to this guide to continue to assess your department and organization’s intentionality, access to resources, and use of your R.I.D.E. Action Plan for the next academic year.


Inclusive Excellence for Leaders: This 90-minute workshop is intended as a follow-up to our “Getting Ready to R.I.D.E.” video and is offered to both students and faculty/staff leaders. In this workshop, participants learn how to facilitate the R.I.D.E. Action Planning process with their teams.

Lunch & Learn: Our Virtual Lunch and Learn workshops focused on special topics identified through our conversations, workshops, and engagement with departmental leaders. Each Virtual Lunch and Learn includes faculty and staff from across the institution to share best practices, resources, and lessons learned as they lead their team through the action planning process.